Your Best Choices for the Perfect Android Game

As for everything in this world, you have to pay for success. This rule applies to the video game industry. Companies are investing more and more in large and complex projects in order to create a reason for enthusiastic reviews and get a multi-billion dollar profit.

Those games that fit this line are faced with a fundamentally different set of difficulties than the “average”. One way or another, but success leads to inflated fan quality requirements, and also creates heightened interest from the media. To keep the bar, the market leaders need not only to preserve their achievements, but also to introduce innovations without spoiling the game, which is loved by gamers. And most importantly, developers need to satisfy all the desires of customers, which is not always the case.

We have collected a dozen games that have suffered (deservedly or not) from their success. Some of them keep better, others are less fortunate, but they both can serve as an excellent example of how difficult it is to sit on the game Olympus.

World of warcraft

If you ask any gamer the question, “Which MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Online) comes to mind first?” At the peak of popularity, this game had 12 million active subscribers around the world, and, despite a slight decline, it still remains the largest online RPG of all time.

Of course, such a phenomenal success cannot occur in a vacuum. Profits from World of Warcraft fundamentally changed Blizzard Entertainment: a few years after the game was released, the company merged with another giant of the gaming industry, Activision, and this significantly affected the gaming environment. According to the players, the company has become more monolithic and clumsy, and this is reflected in the quality of customer service not only in World of Warcraft, but also in other fan-favorite franchises created by Blizzard.

You can dispute this statement, but you can’t ignore the fact that Activision Blizzard, like many large companies, has stopped putting customer aspirations at the top, sometimes ignoring complaints and dissatisfaction. Despite the fact that World of Warcraft has been a leader in the MMORPG genre for more than ten years, the work of the support service can become a global obstacle both for the development of the game itself and for keeping old fans and attracting new fans.

The sims 4

To say that the Sims series is one of the most successful game projects in the entire history of the industry would be an understatement. The first part broke into everyday life in 2000, and since then has only gained its popularity, setting new records and evoking the admiration of critics and ordinary players. The Sims success formula: a virtual sandbox, an unusual sense of humor and a wide scope for action.

Numerous sequels and additions only consolidated the success of the series, giving rise to millions of loyal and vehement fans. Of course, at some point, the franchise could disappoint fans, which happened with The Sims 4 released in 2014. In an attempt to focus on new features, the game creators forgot to include the “chips” that players love. This led to heated debates and caused an extremely negative reaction from gaming media and consumers.