Why Titanium TV is far better than Mobdro?

Why Titanium TV is far better than Mobdro_

The internet has taken the world of entertainment by storm. With the rise in popularity of streaming sites, the internet caters to the biggest consumer base for TV series and movies.

With the increase in accessibility of the internet, it is no surprise that most students and people in the rural areas have access to the internet and not to a satellite cable connection.

This is why streaming sites have emerged as the leading form of entertainment in the past decade. The rise in popularity of many streaming sites has increased exponentially. There are several notable giants in this industry such as Netflix and Hulu.

However, the rights to certain shows are bought by one streaming giant, leading to the libraries being limited. It would burn a hole in your pocket while trying to keep up with all the shows that you like.

So, the best way is to get the streaming apps offering all these services free. Though you can find numerous free streaming apps on the web, Titanium TV and Mobdro are considered as some of the best choices in this regard.

Titanium TV vs Mobdro

Titanium TV comes into existence after the shutdown of Terrarium TV. If you are using the streaming app for the first time, you will find the interface of Titanium TV more simple and straightforward than Mobdro. Both apps offer smooth and fast navigation, but many people feel like choosing Titanium TV from the list of free streaming apps, due to its amazing features.

You can use Mobdro if you are satisfied with its ad-based services. Yes, the content in the free service of Mobdro is not ad-free, which may be annoying for many of you. So, to get rid of these annoying ads, you have to buy the premium package of Mobdro.

On the other hand, Titanium TV is completely ad-free; this feature makes it a better choice than Mobdro.

Other Features of Titanium TV

Supports External Player

If you do not like the default media player that is available in the application, Titanium TV also allows you to select any external media player of your choice. This makes it easy for you to select the interface that is most suitable for you.

You can pick any media player that you are accustomed to such as MX player or VLC player. This makes it easy to adapt to and makes the app more accessible and enjoyable.

The Collection

Unlike most streaming sites, Titanium TV does not concentrate on TV series from the English speaking countries. They have a vast collection of international movies. This allows the users to find any material they might be looking for no matter what country they belong to. This makes this application stand out amongst its competitors.

They also provide subtitles for all these files, making it easy for anyone across the globe to enjoy their regional content as well.

Not only does this application have content from across borders, it also has a number of genres, ensuring that you can find your favourite shows and explore more options.

Impeccable Links

The best part about streaming on Titanium TV which you will never find in another app is that all the links that are provided on this app are updated regularly. This ensures that you will never come across a broken link.

Not only this, all the links are of HD quality and hence you will never have to worry about the quality of the content you are streaming.

With these features, one can easily see that Titanium HD stands out from all the other applications.

Go ahead and try it today to see the difference. You will not be disappointed.