The Ultimate Secret Of Free Games

The idea for this article came to me after my visit to sixth grade classes during Press and Media Week at the school. During the exchanges with the students, I evoke the game GTA and the fact that it is addressed to adults. Many students react immediately. They play regularly at GTA (at age 12) and claim that all teens play it, so it’s not just for adults. I then told myself it was time to make a point on the issue in Geek Junior.

How Do I Know If A Game Is Suitable For My Age?

Several criteria allow making the right choice: age advised, difficulty of the game, presence of sensitive content in the game, connection with other players. One thing is certain, it’s not because your big brother or your friends are playing a game that is necessarily suitable for you.

You must understand that everyone reacts differently to violent or inappropriate content. Similarly, we do not all have the same maturity to discern the difference between real and virtual. If some content in a game disturb you, it is better not to insist, even if everyone plays around you.

If you have a doubt about a game, you can also talk to your parents. No, do not be afraid, they will not necessarily forbid you to play … Dialogue is often the best method, especially if your parents are asking questions about a game. If you already have the game, the most Maybe it’s simple to play with your parents to assess together if the game is right for your age.

The Pegi Signage, A Precious Help For All

To help you in your choice, do not forget that on the covers of video games and the launch of a game, the publisher always indicates the minimum age. These are the pictograms with the word PEGI. They indicate one of the following age groups: 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18. They give a reliable indication of the suitability of the content of the game in terms of protection of minors.

Descriptors accompany the pictograms. They appear on the back of the package and also indicate the main reasons why a game has been assigned a particular age classification. There are eight of these descriptors: violence, foul language, fear, drugs, sex, discrimination, gambling and online games with other people.

To give you an example, the latest video game that is causing a sensation at the beginning of the year, The Division, is classified PEGI 18 because of its violent content and its coarse language. The Division is a third-person shooter game. The characters are essentially confronted with guns faithfully modeled from real weapons. With its oppressive atmosphere and realistic fighting, this game is clearly not suitable for teens and the PEGI 18 classification is justified.

More and more games are multiplayer with the ability to communicate with other players. And even if a game is adapted to your age according to the PEGI signage, nothing prevents certain players from sending you shocking messages.

Finally, the indication of a minimum age is not everything. You have to be careful how much time you spend on your favorite video game. Do not fall into a situation of addiction that can occur even with games adapted to your age. One must know, as for many things, not to abuse good things