The Best Values For the Computer and Android Games

Now almost every family has a computer or game console. Often you hear stories about how children and teenagers literally spend hours sitting at the monitors, forgetting about everything. Parents cannot understand how so much time can be devoted to “these idiotic monsters”, “shooters”, races and other nonsense. And indeed, from the side it is sometimes impossible to understand why computer games are so attractive. Let’s try to figure it out to better understand your own child.

In order for a person to feel in different situations, the game industry offers a huge number of games for every taste , but they are divided into several types, each of which allows you to release some kind of unconscious desire. We describe the most common types of computer games.

First-person shooters

These games imitate the ability to personally aim and kill in the three-dimensional space of the game, with careful study of the details of the environment, which gives the player an impression of the reality of what is happening. They emerged as a result of the rapid progress of computer technology with the arrival of highly skilled programmers and designers with innovative thinking and understanding of the psychology of people who are fond of computer games. The creators of the first strategic three-dimensional first-person shooter were employees of the American firm “Id Software”. The game, which radically changed the world of computer entertainment, was called “Doom”. Immediately after its introduction in 1994, this game became incredibly popular. She won the ratings, received awards, this is the first computer game that spawned its own music and literature.


These games are as close to reality as possible. They may look like military simulators, race car cabs, there are God simulators, life simulators. Around the world, the Sims human life simulator is very popular. The player, using all new and new versions of the game, can make friends, lovers, go to parties, make pets, walk around the area where he can build amusement parks, cafes and shops, look after the front garden and break flower gardens around the house, and also try your hand at fifty new professions, open a law office, live in the virtual world side by side with thousands of dreamers like him who build their own homes and careers not in reality, but in cyberspace. 

Another interesting example of a simulator is the game “Technosphere”, which is a complex simulator to simulate the struggle for the existence and interaction of thousands of animals and plants on a single playing field, which is a planet on which mountains, lakes, forests, fields are located. Each the creature has its own intellect. The daily life of virtual creatures is similar to life in the real animal world. There is birth, there is death. However, from old age they rarely die here more often they serve someone as food. Every creature regularly reports about its life to its owner via e-mail. “Technosphere” allows not only to play, but also to simulate real processes occurring in the animal world, as it contains the basic parameters of the evolution of life.