The Best Electronic Games You Can Have in the Process

Electronic games are constantly evolving, you can choose any kind of hero, even your own, choose any interior and any mission, you can buy and sell characters for real money. There were games for the blind, for animals. Recently, online games have been very popular, where thousands of people play simultaneously on the Internet. All this allows a person to move away from reality and try himself in a new role in his virtual world, without fear that something will fail, will not succeed, because this is just a game.

In the Center of the World

The world of games is a typical mythological space: “our sacred world” is in the center, and the Temple or the Palace are the true Centers of the Universe. The rest of the territory is “alien, unknown space dwelling in the foggy state of Chaos, inhabited by evil spirits, demons. Whether the development of virgin lands or the conquest of lands inhabited by “other” creatures takes place, the mastering ritual repeats cosmogony. Its territory becomes only after its creation anew. ” As the hero moves away from the Chaos Center, everything grows, with each new level the monsters become fiercer, and the victory is given more and more difficult.

Hike for power

The hero of a fairy tale gets a gift or a skill – and thanks to this, his further life becomes wonderful. The same possibility is in many computer games. Participating in the game or empathizing with a fairy tale, the child also goes on a campaign for strength. The magical possibilities have a downside: a certain passivity of the hero, who wins not with himself, but with someone’s help.

Death and resurrection

The theme of the dying and resurrection of the hero is very common in fairy tales. Despite all his strength and dexterity, the hero often has to die in order to transform and become even better and more beautiful. When a child listens to a fairy tale with such episodes, he indirectly works out the theme of resistance to the fear of changing his own body, which is essential for developing confident behavior. This is especially important for the transition period, when a small person “dies” for one stage of his life and “reborn” for another. In computer games, work with death goes on constantly, but the attitude towards it is somewhat different: the gallant hero never really dies, but only, endlessly approaching Death, constantly plays with her, deceives her. And if there is no death, there is no revival,

Only victory

Just like in a fairy tale, in computer games only one outcome is possible – happy. Until this happens, the game is not over. You can return to it again and again, experiencing temporary defeats and gaining experience. The game can only end in a complete victory. Obviously, this axiom, together with active personal participation, gives a powerful optimistic impulse. In addition, both fairy tales and games often end in reaching the top of the social pyramid: “… Ivan Tsarevich got married with Elena Prekrasnaya and became king”.