Simple Tips to win Super Mecha Champions gameplay

The main aim of each player in Super Mecha Champions gameplay is to take out all the enemies and to win the battle. There is no surprise in it, as no matter what game you play, you always focus on winning it as early as possible. This is what happens with the players of this game. But do you know that with the help of some tips you can make your journey to win a little easier?

Let’s have a look at some of the simple and easy to follow tips which you must always keep in mind while playing Super Mecha Champions for PC.

  • You must know about the weapons in this gameplay as well as their purpose. In any battle royale game, it is really a struggle to know the differences between the weapons, and when you learn this trick you can easily pick the right weapon and will use it correctly to deal with the existing situation.
  • The game has a variety of weapons to offer to its players, but you are allowed to carry a maximum of 4 weapons. So, the best tip is to get the mix of long-range and short-range weapons, it helps you to be prepared for any challenge comes in your way. For this, you must follow the first tip to know about the weapons for the right selection.
  • In this gameplay, you need not worry about bullets, unlike other battle royale games; here it does not require looting the bullets. Thus, here you just require reloading the bullets when running out of it as you have a clip with you. The only thing you need to take care of is to focus on staying alive while you reload your weapon.
  • The game has healing items which can only be used when you are in combat. So, never waste your healing items when you have a lot of damage in battle. Also, when you are out of battle, your health bar will get regenerated automatically.
  • When you start your game, you are taught about the ways to switch between Mecha and the human form. So, you must always be familiar with the right time to use the right form, Mecha or Human? Mecha need to recharge for a specific time, so it is good to stay in human form to make your mecha being ready to jump in the battle.
  • When you progress in the game, the battle becomes more challenges as you have to face more experienced players. It means you are more likely to jump, strafe and roll whether you are shooting or avoid getting shot. So, drag the fire button to continuously fire at the enemy.

Follow these tips to have better gameplay.