ShowBox – Everything about this movie streaming app

Have you spent countless hours of your existence watching all kinds of movies from all the different genres and still you’d like to watch some more? Are you instead someone with a stable life and only prefer to watch movies occasionally on weekends with your friends from different nodes of your life?

If either of it is true, even if both of those things are true for you with certain facts changed, you might be in the market for a streaming client that hosts and streams everything you may desire. While other streaming clients provide you several services and the particular content of your desires, in return, they might demand a subscription or come with certain conditions applied which you may disagree with or find them to be distasteful.

Despite these reasons, for what it’s worth, you still have a strong desire to watch at least a handful of Movies and TV Shows when you have the time for it. To meet this demand and simultaneously serve you a proper streaming medium, there’s an app called Showbox.

You get plenty of wonderful features with Showbox and all of them are stated below.

Unparalleled Library

Watch Movies and TV shows released across the world right from the comfort of your portable devices and your PC. You can stream global content with Showbox which has an enormous library replete with Web Series, Movies and even Documentaries!

The sourced library provides you an organized and graphical overview of intriguing Movies and TV Shows to help you better discover trending and popular content. You also get suggestions based on viewing history to help you find more interesting things to watch.


If you want to install Showbox on several platforms such as PC, Linux, Mac, Firestick TV, etc, then you only have to follow a few simple steps in order to run the app.

Compatibility with both newer and older android devices has made this app popular among youth and adults alike. The additional feature of automatic updates will certainly maintain that you do not encounter bugs and glitches and never go too long without an update even if you forget to check for it manually.


It does not matter whether your system’s display officially supports bigger resolutions or not, you can stream unlimited TV Shows and Movies for free on Showbox across any of your devices.

The high-quality content has better sound and can even pick up to 4k resolution to watch thrilling and fun Movies and TV Shows in stunning and sharp details.


It can be hard to learn a new language in mere hours, days or even months only to watch that award-nominated movie that you’ve forever been putting off. Showbox supports subtitles in more than 20 languages to make sure you never miss dialogue and understand even the toughest languages.


Stream your favorites on a bigger screen with Chromecast on Showbox. This feature grants you a mirroring display service, so you can cast your screen to another wirelessly connected display and even projectors!

The only requirement for it to work is a device with Showbox and a display, both of which should be connected either via an HDMI cable or wirelessly through a working WiFi connection.

Final Words

The market is filled with apps that may attack your privacy and compromise your identity behind the guise of providing you free streaming and displaying ads.

Showbox does not display ads that usually are a cause for the interruption. These features, combined with the reliability of millions of people around the world, makes this app the absolute best to meet all your streaming needs with an overall superb satisfying experience.

Start discovering new Movies with Showbox – the unlimited movie streaming app.