Reasons to let your children play free video games

Parents want the best for their children. Technology is now a very important part of our lives, but should we let it enter the lives of our young children? With adapted and supervised adult use, video games promote children’s cognitive and social development. Here are the main reasons why your child should play video games:

  1. Develop motor skills

For younger people, it is not always easy to control the eyes and hands at the same time when using a mouse or a touch screen. There are many games for children ages 5 to 13 to improve reflexes and movement accuracy.

  1. Capture their attention

Video games will capture the child’s attention and help them focus on a specific task to achieve a goal. Unconsciously, children will learn perseverance and patience. Some games also generate more brain activity compared to other activities such as reading or television.

  1. Learn to solve a problem.

An online game will also train the young audience on decision-making and responsibilities. Indeed, by making mistakes and following the difficulty of the game, the child will learn to work under pressure. This experience will allow him to solve problems more easily in real life and give him a better self-confidence.

  1. Stimulate their creativity

Many video games are designed to stimulate children’s creativity. To conceive, to imagine, to personalize the child is no longer simple observer but actor of what he creates or tells.

  1. Learning the digital language

Today access to technology becomes as important as learning to read or write. It is important for children to feel comfortable using a computer or tablet. But of course this learning has to be done naturally by arousing their curiosity, without feeling obliged to it as a lesson they would learn at school.

  1. The little more!

Most games have an educational purpose and contribute to the learning of reading and math, as well as to develop the child’s logical mind and expand his vocabulary. Sacrifice the individual (his ego, his desire to be the indisputable hero of the situation) for the benefit of a team spirit where a victory makes sense only to many and where successes as failures are shared and assumed as a group is the basis of several video games and many situations in business, where several different roles are mixed (engineers, salesmen, administrative), without that some can make sense without the others.

  1. Stress management

Nobody likes stress, yet we need it (in medicine we differentiate “bad” stress, the one that makes us lose our means, “good” stress, which is our essence to move forward). Being energized triggers adrenaline shots that sharpen our senses, make us feel alive and stimulate our reactions to face the challenges and dangers of everyday life. The video game is very often riddled with challenges and difficult situations, complex, dangerous. Training to cope with these situations, not to panic when we understand that we have remained defenseless and to stay focused and organized when everything goes live around us can be a real asset when a critical situation is going to happen in company. Especially in “critical” areas such as Defense or Aeronautics,