Parents must know about Yolo app – Safe for kids?

Within a very short time, Yolo became one of the most downloaded apps in the list of the entire Apple App Store. Yolo is an app which is available for iOS devices and let the users to ask an anonymous question and to answer the same question by adding another sticker posted to your Story.

Yolo app works in conjunction with the Snapchat app. Alone, it can do nothing, so to use Yolo, you have to link the app with your Snapchat account.

We all very well know that Anonymity never goes well in any situation. When you share anything anonymously, the chances of hate and disrespectful increase to a great extent, especially when kids and teenagers are involved in it. So, the path of Yolo and similar apps are covered with bullies and hurt kids.

The rating of using Yolo app is quite low at 12+ ages. You might have seen many kids of 12 years old who constantly make decisions for the long term without being noticed by their parents.

As per the Privacy Policy, it has been clearly stated that kids who are not 13 years old are prohibited to use Yolo, which is quite a good step. Like several other apps, Yolo too wants you to invite your all friends to use Yolo. This way, once you installed Yolo on your phone, you must be prepared for Yolo looking to access your contacts and asking you all friends to join the platform.

When parents do not turn off the App Store on their phone, the kids get a chance to send invitations to other friends for getting the app. The best solution to prevent your kids from accessing such apps is to turn off the App Store.

It is very important to talk to your kids about bullying before allowing them to use the Yolo app or any other social platform. They must be familiar with the fact and must know how to handle bullying, disturbing, trolling or cruel post on the app. One thing that makes this app different from others is allowing users to screen the questions before replying them openly or publicly.

Now, do you think Yolo app is safe for kids?

Like other similar apps, at some point, Yolo is not considered safe for kids. The main benefit of the app, i.e. anonymity, is like a curse for the kids. Because, if any kid ever faces bullying, hate, racism or anything upsetting through messages, it may bring a huge impact on their life.

So, it is important to keep an eye on what your kid is using.