Mastering the Craft of Computer Games

Attractions in computer games are not only the choice for every taste, but also their novelty and unpredictability. What this means for the human psyche is well illustrated by the experiments of scientists from Emory University and Baylor Medical College of the USA. It turns out that not only waiting for a pleasant activates the pleasure center of our brain. Experiments have shown that the brain responds to unexpected stimulation much more than the most pleasant sensations. In a random or predictable test case, a special controlled device poured juice or water into the mouth. At the same time, a brain scan showed that the unexpectedness caused its higher activity than the expected pleasant sensations. Thus, scientists have discovered the biological basis of the love of miracles and surprises. Getting acquainted with the new game, the player does not know in advance what exactly is waiting for him, this anticipation of novelty and turns out to be especially attractive.

Finer Opportunities

The idea of the manifestation of an archetypical beginning in computer games is also supported by the psychologist, who considers them a substitute for a fairy tale, since in his opinion, in virtual games, the characteristics of the fairy-tale world were embodied, perhaps, to the greatest extent:

Beyond time

Neither fairy tales nor games have a place in everyday life, worldly time. Their action takes place in the mythological time of the first world creation, when the hero by his feat restores the disturbed harmony of the Golden Age. The game always takes place at some turn, in an extreme situation, when the whole world is threatened with destruction. This time of achievement is extra historical and is best described by the fairy-tale formula “Once upon a time there lived.”

The Series

The GTA series is such a powerful franchise that you can easily forget about its more than modest origins. The first and second parts of the game had a very modest success outside of the UK (however, GTA II fell in love with the Russian players). World fame came to the lineup of games after the release of Grand Theft Auto III on the PlayStation 2 platform. However, attacks from the media, which accuse the game of excessive cruelty and an abundance of sex content, have come with an enormous popularity.

  • Suddenly, GTA III began to be stigmatized as an enemy of public morality and a child molester. The game has become a favorite example of moralists on the topic “why are video games dangerous?”. Developers from Rockstar have been repeatedly attacked by public organizations and individual lawyers, such as the attorney-free Jack Thompson.

Tensions increased and reached its peak after the release of the Hot Coffee modification (a mod that removes censorship and adds different types of sexual pleasures to the game) for GTA San Andreas. Of course, Rockstar managed to resolve all disputes, and the GTA brand is flourishing. After several years of fierce discussions, the game has become firmly established in modern pop culture and journalists are supportive of it. Nevertheless, Grand Theft Auto remains an excellent example of how fame can put sticks in the wheels.