Little Known Ways To Free Games

Do you know that since 2008, the video game is the favorite leisure? That the global turnover of the video game industry has long since passed that of music and cinema indoors? That the average age of the players in France is 35 that more than 50% of the players are women and that video games solve scientific and medical enigmas of the first order?

The video game is not as we might think, a simple entertainment practiced only by teenagers, it is also a talent industry that combines rich graphics content and technological innovations for the greatest happiness of the players of all ages, of all sexes and of all origins.

  • Video games are nowadays very popular with the French, in fact 47% of homes are equipped with a video game console. Teenagers are also very attracted to online games, in fact 68% of them have already played. They indulged in this fun on a game console, a mobile phone, a multimedia player or on a computer.

The types of games played by the French are very varied. Thus, 45% of the respondents play action games or platforms, 46% to sports games, 38% to role play or strategy games, and 11% to educational games. Young players (aged 15 to 24) are more passionate about action and sports games (55-60%) while their elders (aged 24 to 44) are more likely to turn to role playing, strategy games and society.

The video game is the first hobby of the French and is at the heart of the hobbies favorite of young people including Internet and television. The average game time is about 9 hours a week, or about a little over an hour a day.

A hobby for everyone

Studies show that about 28 million people play video games in France , which represents 65% of French people. The profile of the base player is constantly evolving. Women are now more numerous to play, they represent almost 50% of the players. When at the average age of the player, he would currently be 33 years old. The video game is a leisure practiced by all the populations, without distinction of social layers.

  • Video games are likewise a hobby for all ages , in fact 16.5% of players are under 18 and 83.5% have more than a majority.
  • For 23% of respondents, the main motivation is to have fun with friends or family. When 17% play to escape or live an adventure, 14% do it to spend time and relax.