How to be the Last Player Standing in Cardboard Clash

In each battle royale game, the main aim of each player is to be the last player standing on the battlefield. The same thing applies to this cutest battle royale game, Cardboard Clash. This game is developed by the creative minds at NetEase Games. For all those game lovers who love game with creative and beautiful graphics, this gameplay is a perfect choice for them.

Continue reading this if you want to learn how to be the last player standing in this gameplay. Many new players get fool of its cutesy graphics and take this battle royale game lightly. Like other similar games, you need to follow certain strategies and tips in order to be the winner of the game. So, let’s start with them to become the last man in the game.

Hunt for blue diamonds

When you enter the game, you will find the number of blue diamonds scattered around the map, which you have to pick up in order to gain the experience points. Gradually, you will level up and get the new passive skill. Keep in mind that such skills can be the game-changer for you, so you must try to level up as quickly as possible.


Look for the best weapon

Once you reach a certain level, you must start looking for upgrading your weapons or gears. If you find little notches in the weapon icons on your screen, it determines the level of the weapon which you have armed currently. So, always make sure to look for the best weapon to make a strong battle.

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Pick the Dodge Skill

With each time you level up, you will be given an opportunity to pick the one from the three skills, where all of them have their helpful abilities. Among them, you must consider picking the Dodge skill which provides you an inherent ability to miss the attacks like if you are imperceptible. This skill can be upgraded with other skills as you level up in the game.

Consider Frying Pan

Obviously, when playing battle royale game, many players do not consider using melee weapons as their best choice. In Cardboard Clash, you can reply on melee weapon such as frying pan as the secondary weapon. It is considered as the best choice when your gun needs to be recharged and you do not want to wait for your gun to recharge to get out of the sticky situation.

Find Shield Chargers

The shield chargers are also found scattered around the map, so you need to find them in order to use them as your shield to increase the possibility of your survival in the game for long.

Go through the follow these points carefully to be the last player in the game.