Free Games Secrets You Never Knew

Video games have become everyday objects and practices for most children. But what drives them to spend so much time playing? What are the motivations to play video games?The video game requires a series of learning more or less complex. You must know how to install / uninstall the game and its components (“mods”, “addons”) and master the game interface. These learnings are done by sharing practice: the child learns from another. This learning is one of the motivations of the video game. It allows the child to share his knowledge with his peers. Learning has a particularity that our institutions would do well to inspire: the one who learns can be in the minute following the learner. The learning process is continuous, incorporated into the gaming experience, and every child can move from being a teacher to a student.

Finally, the last social motivation to play video games is leadership. This is more prevalent among adolescents for whom the question of authority and power is more important than among the youngest. Online gambling allows you to have responsibilities (guild leader, tank, healer, chef de profession or class) that are comparable to those experienced by adults.

Emotional motivation

Video games help regulate emotions, especially for boys who use them to relieve stress or anger. Forgetting the problems of the day or not getting bored is also cited as motivation to play video games.

Intellectual motivations and expression

The video game is a space of expertise and mastery. It requires greater and more diverse skills than other media such as television or books. Each game is a challenge to the player and “raising the glove” is an important motivation. A good game is a reasonably difficult game. It must pose problems that the player will have pleasure to solve. The control of the environment of the game, marked by the advancement in the different levels or the obtaining of badges, is the sign that the player has understood how the game works. This understanding, which allows you to have a global vision of the game, is a motivation to play.

Finally, last but not least, video games are an opportunity to indulge in the pleasure of being in a space in which it is possible to do things that are impossible to do in reality. It may be to reign supreme master of a civilization, or more simply to skateboard. But in one case as in the other, what is privileged is the escape that video games provide. It allows you to do things that you cannot do “in real life”. This escape remains in connection with the interests of the player. Video games can discover or satisfy personal interests such as when a skater plays a skateboard game. It helps to do thingsIn conclusion, children play video games first to be in touch with friends, then to gain positive emotions and get rid of negative emotions and finally to exercise their expertise and experience different roles.