Finer Options for the Perfect Computer Games for Free

Computer games are not just a pastime, it is a process of creating and constructing worlds. The term “construction of worlds” was introduced into scientific use. The construction of worlds is the process of creating an image of the world in the human psyche. People and monsters, kingdoms and continents, epochs and galaxies are packed into a world of souls, rolled into a “constructed world.”

As a constructed world, any popular computer game has its own made-up history, its own special space and flow of time, original philosophy, values, rules, ethics and morality. Games make it possible for the player not only to passively observe the events, but, on the contrary, to be active in the constructed world.. These are very strong and sometimes dangerous feelings that arise from the opportunity to try yourself in different roles and in different situations, forget about everyday life, experience new unusual feelings from participating (seemingly virtual, but for the psyche is real) in dangerous battles and races speeds.

The Options

Destiny is the hottest game of 2014, and for good reason. This is the first project of Bungie after their abandonment of the further development of the Halo universe, which was positioned as a mixture of an online game and first-person shooter in a new and original universe combining science fiction and fantasy. The publishers from Activision and the developers from Bungie have promised enough for players to wait for the first truly epic MMO for PS and Xbox consoles.

  • However, the release did not meet most expectations. Despite the fact that the game was selling well, it was met with the most varied criticism, and the main reason for disappointment was its superficiality. Instead of large open worlds and their research, players got another non-optimized shooter with weak MMO elements.
  • Correct the situation did not work and the additional content that the developers left on the add-on and DLC (downloadable content). Such “greed” scared away many gamers, and the game itself without free updates quickly bored.

Although Destiny had unconditional financial success, it was covered with a barrage of constructive criticism, throwing it into the category of “a game that did not meet expectations”. She became the reason for a lot of jokes and the personification of all the bad things that are happening in the modern industry of virtual entertainment. Of course, people sometimes play it, but it’s safe to say that soon Destiny will have a sad fate to sink into oblivion.

No man’s sky

It may be unfair to blame No Man’s Sky for being the victim of its success, since the game has not even come out yet, but too much was said and nothing less was promised at the design stage.

Stated as a game with unlimited freedom of action, NMS is a virtual space that no one can ever fully explore. Frankly, a terrific statement. And even more amazing was the fact that most of the hype around the project was created by the developers themselves, not the gamers. Moreover, during the presentations such a small part of the promised world was shown that the interest quickly faded away.

Most likely, the secrecy around the game is justified by the reluctance of developers to share information about the source code and the No Man’s Sky engine. It can be expected that the project will be interesting, but in order to fulfill all the promises, it must be furious.