Finer Balances for the Best Games

Have you noticed that a person loves to play? Games accompany not only the lives of children, but also adults. For example, our communication is sometimes based on different games, more and more for training use educational and business games, very fashionable all over the world and in our country role-playing games, so-called offline games, are becoming. Sometimes we do not notice that we play, sometimes we do it consciously, and sometimes we give preference to some particular, especially beloved games. And the role of games for entertainment is hard to overestimate. New technologies generate new games, and now computer games have firmly settled in the life of a modern child, and sometimes quite an adult.

The first computer games were strategic

Most people believe that these games develop thinking and broaden their horizons. The prototype of strategic games is chess. For some players, the beauty of strategic games is that they make it possible to feel like a leader, a man endowed with power, but not burdened with the responsibility that accompanies real power. In addition, in games, time flows faster, in a few hours you can do something that sometimes takes years. For others, the opportunity to pass levels over and over again makes it the best way. For such people, it is not so important to win as to win in an ideal way. Some children, on the contrary, want to go through the new game faster, and are ready to do it, using any prompts and ready-made passwords, they are not interested in the intellectual process of the game itself and the search for options for its passage, and they just need the thrill of novelty. After that, they lose interest in the toy and are already looking for a new game, which will give them new emotions. One of the best turn-based strategies that laid the foundations of the genre is considered to be “King’s Bounty”, which was developed in the TV series “Heroes of Might and Magic”.

Another popular type of game is a quest

People always liked to solve riddles. A computer allows a person to find the solution himself, and each player’s move causes one or another reciprocal step from the computer, bringing it closer or away from the solution. Psychological magnetism of this type of games is to compete with the person who invented it. The most famous quests are “The Mist”, the “Larry” series, games about the adventures of an FBI agent Tack Murphy.

Role playing (RPG)

In the role-playing game there is an opportunity to choose any character for yourself and live life with it, developing new skills, skills and character traits. This type of game is strongest in terms of identification with the chosen hero. The main highlight of the role-playing games is the choice of the hero’s development strategy, which allows you to complete the same game in different ways, changing the characteristics of the characters and the strategy of the game as a whole each time. Characteristic representatives of the genre, which takes place in the fantasy world traditional for such games, are the classic series “Might and Magic”, “Wizardry”, and the cyberpunk “System Shock” and “Fallout” full of gloomy futurism.