Finer Aspects for the Free games Now

Consoles and gaming PCs are often expensive, because you want to play video games certainly not the full price of 50 to 70 euros. You can buy games for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch also cheap, but the possibilities are not everyone aware. We’ll explain how to save money on the game.

Before you buy an expensive game with stomachache, you might want to ask yourself: “Will I get the game cheaper too?” There are very often ways to get games significantly cheaper than 50 to 70 euros.

If you like to buy games in shops, you should look for so-called “Grabbelkisten”. In the vicinity of current games at full price, there are sometimes boxes in shops with significantly reduced games. Maybe there are some video games that are not that old yet.

Buy video games online

But many of you may not go to shops but buy online and here are a variety of options. Time and again, retailers such as Amazon , Saturn or Media Market offer games on offer, often only as a daily offer or only for a few days. Look out for such offers and you might even get new games for half the price.

Save 2 euros per game with Amazon Prime

There is also a small savings for Amazon Prime subscribers. You get a discount of two euros for games that are pre-orderable. However, the promotion only applies to physical games that sell and ship through Amazon.

You should also check out the game networks of publishers and console manufacturers. PS4 players regularly find games down in the PlayStation Store, Xbox One players look for deals in the Xbox Live store, and PC players regularly enjoy offers on Steam.

Buy cheap credit and save money

You can buy credit online from the PlayStation Store or from Xbox Live, which you can charge with your credit card or with prepaid cards from stores (including supermarkets). In some online stores you get the prepaid cards sometimes for a cheaper price than they are actually worth.

Buy used second hand games

Online you can buy video games also cheap at online marketplaces like eBay. Here you can save a lot of money with luck. If you prefer to buy second-hand goods in stores, you’ll find video game retailers like GameStop, especially in big cities, where you can also buy low-priced games. You can also try your luck at flea markets.

Play video games for free

If you do not want to spend any money, you can also play many games for free (“free-to-play”). Whether on Steam or on consoles: In the digital games shops you can now find many titles that publishers offer for free – such as the shooter hit Fortnight Battle Royale.


Mobile games like Clash Royale, Pokémon GO or many other titles are free on smartphones, and thanks to Internet archives, there are thousands of Amiga games in the browser and a large selection of C64 titles. In our arcade on net welt you can also play more than 2,000 browser games for free.