Final Options for the Perfect Video Game Playing

More than 40% of the population plays video games. Women represent 52% of the players. 63% of French people over the age of 10 have played video games. The average age of players, now 35 years old, is constantly increasing. It is the favorite entertainment of the French, and the first cultural industry in the world. In a handful of years, video games have positioned themselves as a locomotive of the digital economy. This success is due to market logic that game publishers know how to use. But this explanation is not enough.

Perfect Video games for Your Choice Now

Video games have been able to take this place thanks to their own qualities. They have become a must-have media because they are objects of pure pleasure. They are ways of connecting with oneself and others. But they are also more than that. They are a way of taming the future.

  • This comment leaves a bitter taste. It shows that a transmission job is not done. He points to an attack by fathers against the sons. Every culture is based on transmission. Present times are special because parents must transmit to their children elements that they do not fully master, or that they imagine their children already master. This is not the decisive aspect, however. We have already seen parents support transmissions they do not know anything about, such as when parents who are illiterate in the language of the host country support the schooling of their children. If today the illiterate screens do not support the learning of their children, it is rather because of a position of bad faith, which decided in advance that what comes from the screens is a priori suspect.

There is another reason that leaves these “stupid heads” with a bitter taste. As a generation prepares to deal with the mess of the post-war period, as we slowly become aware of a possible end to humanity, whereas more than ever we need to build on the achievements of culture of the past, those who must support the transmissions become gravediggers. The fathers attack the pleasures of the sons, and turn their backs on the interests of the children. They refuse to wear the culture. They are thanatophores.

Check out demos and tests of specialized sites and, if necessary, ask vendors for advice. Check the information on video game packaging or game platforms, especially the PEGI pictograms. This is a reliable indication to check whether the content is suitable for your child or not. Also read the warnings of manufacturers of consoles and video games, especially on 3D display strongly inadvisable to less than 6 years. Stay close to the youngest when they play. This will allow you to take a look at the content and limit the playing time. You can also use parental control tools (free) on all your screens (TV, console (s), computer, smartphone, tablet ) to filter content by age. To help you,