Best time, location and reason to build a subcity in Immortal Conquest

Immortal Conquest is the one-stop solution for all video game lovers. This game allows players to choose from a wide array of troops and build their army according to their choice. This army then combats with the enemy’s army to conquer pieces of land. The player is allowed to explore over 2millionpieces of land on the map. With these features, the gameplay allows players to plan, strategize and combat with complete freedom and makes the game addictive and intriguing.

There are many factors that a player should take care of when playing Immortal Conquest. This might be overwhelming for a lot of new players.this is why new players need to understand what moves with hurt their gameplay and what will help. This is why players must understand how to set up a subcity in Immortal Conquest. Here are some tips that can help you-

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Reasons to Build Subcity

The main reason to build a subcity is to be able to level up your battle power. There are multiple ways in which you can achieve an upgrade. You can use coins to advance the Gairo to get an upgrade or create a town hall which is at level 8 along with level one chief god statue and a level one stargazing platform. The easiest way to achieve this goal, however, is to build a subcity.

A subcity also allows players to level up the resources that they require to move forward in the game. The amount of return that you will acquire from these resources at a lower level is not very beneficial. When you build a subcity you get resources at a higher level and hence it is a good practice to build subcities in Immortal Conquest.

Best Time to Build Subcity

Once your barracks has reached a cap level, you can upgrade your town hall to level 8 and chief statue and stargazing platform to level one. Once you achieve these markers you will be able to build your subcity and enjoy all the benefits that come with this task.

With these tips in mind, one will not be confused about building subcities and is more likely to perform well while playing Immortal Conquest. Go ahead and build your subcity today!