Basic tips to play Onmyoji Arena in a better way

If you are new to Onmyoji Arenafor PC, you may find it a little hard to understand the game. If you want to play this game in a better way and to earn huge amount of coins, you must go through these tips. These are basic tips with the power that can change your game when you play it properly.

  • The game involves six different roles, where each role has its own importance, so you should play each role to learn how they work in the game, which in turn will work in getting the most out of your game. Also, make sure to keep the team balance to avoid tough battle.
  • You must have at least three main in your MOBA game, it is so because if your two main have taken out of the game, you can still have the third main. Also, the more shikigami or characters you have, the better you can play. But, keep in mind that you must be mastered in three of them.
  • Now, when you are familiar with roles, you must also know about the suitable lane for each role. In Onmyoji Arena, there are three lanes – top lane, middle lane, and bottom lane. For Samurai and Ninja, you can take the top lane. Mage is the best in the middle lane, whereas, Marksman and Support play well in the bottom lane.
  • When you are in a team, never sit idle and just listen to what your teammates are talking about. Always be communicative as it helps a lot in building a strong team. You can choose quick chat and pay attention to what your team is about.
  • When you want to open a battle, few things you must consider before moving onto your thoughts, such as look at the map to find the locations of your teammates, enemy does have the backup if you attack him, how strong you are to pull off the kills, the capability of your team to win the battle and so on. Just be calm, think on all aspects and perspectives.
  • If you are angry, you should never use bad words or blame your teammates for what happened. It may rather make the situation worse. So, the best way is to let finish the battle and report it in the end.
  • You must be aware of the map and everything that is happening around you. Like when you need help and want to ask your teammate, simply see the map and find which teammate can respond to you. Just focus on surviving until you get the help.
  • If you are in a situation where you can lose the game, make sure to move the lanes. Don’t just stay on one lane, simply pay attention to the map and move to another lane accordingly.

Well, these are the basic tips that can enable you to play Onmyoji Arena in a proper way. Hope, you will learn more with your every battle.