Active use of paid gaming in current educational process

Currently, information technology has become actively used in the educational process. Many simple and complex computer programs are created for various fields of knowledge. A special place among computer programs is occupied by specialized computer programs for children with a complex structure of the defect.

One of the main directions of the process of informatization of modern society is the informatization of education, ensuring the widespread introduction of psychological and pedagogical developments into practice, aimed at intensifying the learning process, implementing the ideas of developing education, improving the forms and methods of organizing the educational process, ensuring the transition from mechanical learning independently acquire new knowledge. The use of computers and information technologies in education has a significant impact on the content, methods and organization of the educational and educational process.

The concept of modernization

The Department of Social Protection of the Population requires a qualitatively new approach to the professional level of training teachers in the field of social protection of the population, to master the technique and technology of designing objects of professional activity, to use information technologies in educational disciplines. The shift of priorities towards modern information and communication technologies is accompanied by significant changes in the pedagogical theory and practice of the correctional and educational process implemented in orphanages of the Department of Social Protection of the Population.

The main tasks of the correctional teacher

Tutor of DDI is the activation of children’s speech and cognitive activity, with a complex structure of the defect and the ability to actualize the information obtained with their help for the further process of socialization. To accomplish these tasks, it becomes necessary to use information and communication technologies in the teaching and upbringing process in the practice of work of an educator.

A huge part of the information is perceived by our children through a visual analyzer. Taking this into account, we decided to mobilize the visual perception of children with special needs, using information technologies, and at the same time organize work on the development of visual-figurative thinking, attention, memory, and create positive motivation. Positive motivation for cognitive activity may be the result of an interest in unusual activities with which children, with developmental features, had never met before. A computer combines dynamics, sound and image, i.e. those factors that hold the attention of the child for the longest. Thus, the simultaneous impact on the two most important organs of perception (hearing and vision) allows one to achieve a much greater effect of mastering the material.

A prerequisite for the use of information technology in the correctional and educational process of children of the orphanage is the absence of contraindications from their psychophysical development, which requires a constant relationship between the work of the educator and the medical staff. The symbiosis of the work of the educator and the doctor allows you to avoid excessive excitement or overwork of children from the emotional-volitional sphere and to control the level of development of cognitive activity. The teacher fully complies with the motto of special pedagogy and psychology: “Do no harm!” Information technology material is focused on the contingent of boarding school pupils, taking into account their mental, physical, and emotional level of development.